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And today’s snippet is taken from To Love a Traitor, my historical novel set in the winter of 1920-21 but looking back to the Great War ( I did warn you Christmas makes me go all historical! *g*)

Our hero George is undercover investigating whether disabled veteran Matthew could be the traitor who cost George’s older brother his life during the war – and finding it ever harder to be objective. Especially when the disarmingly friendly Matthew invites him to stay with his family for Christmas:

“Wake up, sleepyhead! It’s Christmas morning!”

George opened one bleary eye to find Matthew’s boyishly grinning face not six inches away. “Bah, humbug,” he muttered only half in jest, pulling the pillow over his head.

It was torn away from him without ceremony. “I hope I don’t have to turn up clanking in chains to convince you of the error of your ways. Come on, come on! It’s Christmas! Time to get up!”

As he punctuated his last sentence by pulling the blankets from George’s bed, George was left with little choice but to follow orders. Still protesting grumpily, he swung his feet to the floor and stood to stretch.

“I can see at least six inches of stomach when you do that,” Matthew said teasingly. “You’ve no idea how tempting it is to poke it.”

Rather embarrassed, George dropped his arms abruptly.

Have a fabulous Christmas/holiday of your choosing, everyone! :D

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best-gay-2016Wounds of the heart take the longest to heal.

When solicitor’s clerk George Johnson moves into a rented London room in the winter of 1920, it’s with a secret goal: to find out if his fellow lodger, Matthew Connaught, is the wartime traitor who cost George’s adored older brother his life.

Yet as he gets to know Matthew—an irrepressibly cheerful ad man whose missing arm hasn’t dimmed his smile—George begins to lose sight of his mission.

As Matthew’s advances become ever harder to resist, George tries to convince himself his brother’s death was just the luck of the draw, and to forget he’s hiding a secret of his own. His true identity—and an act of conscience that shamed his family.

But as their mutual attraction grows, so does George’s desperation to know the truth about what happened that day in Ypres. If only to prove Matthew innocent—even if it means losing the man he’s come to love.

Warning: Contains larks in the snow, stiff upper lips, shadows of the Great War, and one man working undercover while another tries to lure him under the covers.

Now available in ebook and paperback:

Samhain | Amazon | ARe


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