Jan. 30th, 2016

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I seem to be suffering from the January blues, so here’s a snippet more sombre than my usual. It’s from my short story Et In Orcadia, which first appeared in Icarus magazine and is now exclusively available on Amazon in the Boys Who Go Bump in the Night anthology:


What do you say to a man whose love has been taken by the sea?

It's not a question I'd ever given much thought to, to tell the truth. It turns out there's any amount of things you can say—at least, I heard plenty in the weeks, the months, after Kyle went out fishing in his boat and never came back.

If you're Mrs Smyddie, at the Post Office in St Margaret's Hope, you say, "Och, I was sorry to hear about young Kyle. It was a bad business, that." You give me a cake you've baked, as if I'm a child to be comforted with sweet things. And I dredge up a smile, because you mean it kindly and that helps, just a little.


For more rainbow snippets from a whole host of talented authors, don’t forget to check out the Facebook group here.


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