Oct. 15th, 2016

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I’m delighted to say that Haunting Muses is now available in ebook and paperback, just in time to get you in the mood for Halloween:

In this collection of lesbian stories, ghosts, be they actual or the metaphorical ghosts of memories, aren’t necessarily evil and hauntings may or may not be bad. How do we move beyond the foul spirits or integrate the shining beings who haunt us in the cruelest or the best ways? And how do we or our characters reconcile these ghosts into transformation and healing within present reality?

Includes stories by Sacchi Green, Deborah Walker, Pascal Scott, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, Elaine Burnes, Doreen Perrine and my own story, Dance With Me.

I love a good anthology call, and this one really intrigued me with its wide interpretation of hauntings – and the chance to write a story about a very different kind of love from my usual. Here’s a little snippet from Dance With Me:

“Read to me,” Helen says, perched up on the kitchen counter, her stockinged legs swinging. “Read some more of that book about the girl who faked her own death to frame her husband. I like that one.”

“You would,” I say. “But I can’t. I’m cooking. See?” I hold up the knife I’ve been using to chop the courgette. It’s larger than the one I’d usually use for vegetables, but it’s beautifully curved and I like the way it feels in my hand. “Maybe after tea.”

“You’re soooo booooring,” she moans, slouching in a parody of teenage ennui. Then she smiles and sits up straight again. “If you don’t want to read, how about putting on some music? We could dance. You like dancing. I could teach you some more steps.”

I look at the knife, its surface too dull to show my reflection. It does feel good in my hand…

I put it down firmly. It’s only for a short while. “All right. But just a few dances.”

Available in ebook and paperback: Amazon


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