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Hurrah! I can finally show you my lovely cover for my first full-length novel, Camwolf:


Didn't the artist do a lovely job?

The book is due out on 17th May. *drums fingers impatiently* ;)
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Hurrah! My contemporary novella Pricks and Pragmatism is now up on the Samhain Coming Soon page!

Which means I get to post this gorgeous cover:


And here's the blurb:

Easy come, easy go…until the heart gets involved.

English student and aspiring journalist Luke Corbin should be studying. Instead he’s facing homelessness, thanks to the lover who’s just kicking him out of their posh digs. It’s not his first rejection—his father tossed him out at age sixteen—but Luke has no problem trading his favors for a home and security. Especially with rich, powerful, handsome men.

Except now, with finals bearing down, there’s no time to be choosy. He needs a roof over his head and he needs it now. Even if it means settling temporarily for a geeky, less-than-well-off chemical engineer called Russell.

Luke’s fully prepared to put out for the guy—because after all, in this world no one gets something for nothing. But Russell isn’t just a nerd; he’s an honourable nerd who wants to save himself for someone special.

At first Luke is annoyed, but the more time he spends with Russell, the closer he comes to a devastating realization. He wants to be that someone special. Except he’s fallen for the one man he can’t seem to charm…

Due out Sept 21st, but if you'd like a quick preview, click here. :D
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OMG! I am just so incredibly excited! I popped onto the Dreamspinner Coming Soon page just now to check when Necking was due out (May 10th, as it happens) – and Snared was up there! With my lovely, lovely cover:
Don't you just love his eyes? It's coming out on May 12th. I can't wait! :D *bounces*


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