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This made me smile: another installment of Misadventures in Stock Photography :D
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I was delighted to see that A Ghoul Like You has been awarded 4.5 cherries by Whipped Cream Reviews:

The author’s trademark humor is sprinkled throughout this enjoyable story. From the small details to the large, this short story is littered with great lines and sly nods. The characters and their dialogue are particular highlights...You may find yourself rooting for ghouls as the newest heroes.

I have a trademark humor! *beams* :D
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Many thanks to the lovely Jenre, who's been very quick off the mark in reviewing A Ghoul Like You!


Those with a strong constitution and a love of Halloween stories are going to enjoy this one a great deal. I did. - Jenre (read the full review here)
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My new short story A Ghoul Like You is now available from Noble Romance:


Here's the blurb, to save you scrolling back to my earlier post:

Niall's just a ghoul looking for a quiet life. Instead he meets Jamie, a kid on a vampire killing spree. And nothing says "I love you" like a stake through the heart…

A visceral story of love (or something like it) among the undead.

And here, as promised, is an excerpt. The story is noticeably darker than my usual fare - one of those things you write and then think, "Whoa! Where did that come from?" Those squeamish about blood, please take note!

Click if you dare... )


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