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Yes, I have returned, only slightly sunburned and already suffering from strudel-withdrawal. And although I've only been back a couple of hours, I already have a new release out! It's the Dreamspinner Making Contact anthology, a sci-fi m/m anthology containing not one but TWO stories by me - further details available in my previous post.

And now I need to go and scale the laundry mountain waiting for me in the kitchen. And answer about six million e-mails, not to mention trying to catch up with the f-list!
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As I was reading through the latest posts on Goodreads, I clicked a link from the adorable Jase, and found this:

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OMG! It's Spitz and Tao, from Gifted in Tongues, soon to be seen in the Dreamspinner Making Contact anthology!

Here's their blurb:

After inadvertently outraging local sensibilities, space pilot Torvald "Spitz" Spitzbergen faces a five-year stretch in a Lacertilian jail. His only consolation is trading insults with his cell mate, Tao, a six-foot libidinous Felid. But Tao seems to have a distinctly fuzzy understanding of the difference between fighting and foreplay...


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