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Yes? Then pop on over to jessewave's blog and leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of the Necking anthology.
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The lovely Jenre has reviewed Necking on her blog, and given it 4 stars! (Rating is on Jessewave's blog, here)

I was particularly chuffed to see her single out for praise Lenore Black's story, An American in Seville, which was definitely my favourite, and Josephine Myles' Unwrapped: The Birthday Gift, another great story. :)
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It's party time!

*looks at clock*

Okay, so I lied. 7am is no one's idea of party time. Nevertheless, there is a party going on!

It's over on the Dreamspinner Press Blog and it's to celebrate the imminent release of the Necking anthology. Contributors will be popping by all day to post about their stories – I've just put up an excerpt from mine, with a little extra detail on what inspired me to write it.
There'll also be chances to win a copy of the anthology, in both e-book and paperback!

So strap on your high heels and slap on the mascara, bring a bottle (or a flask of coffee, depending on time zone) and I'll see you over there! ;)

Oh, and Dad, if you're reading this, Happy Birthday!


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