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...though outside, it looks delightful.

Yep, I am huddling over the laptop to keep warm, as although we now have power once more, it was off for 15 hours this time, so the house is doing a fine impersonation of a fridge. And I was not reassured by the two-minute power cut we had just half an hour ago...

But on the plus side, I have more picspam! )

And if you've ever wanted to know a little bit more about me, check out this interview by the lovely, talented and all-round wonderful Penelope Friday! :D
jl_merrow: (Got mittens)
...er, until Christmas Eve, when I'd like it all gone as I have plans! ;D

Yesterday was fun. We had more snow than I've ever seen here. As usual when we get any weather more challenging than a light drizzle, the power went out.

And stayed out.

We were without electricity for the best part of 12 hours. Fortunately it was daytime, so the kids (and adults!) just went out and played in the snow. But you feel eerily cut off from the world - no TV, no internet, and until someone went and gritted the slope leading down to the close, no way of getting out except on foot. No heating either, so it's just as well they got it fixed before nightfall or we'd have been huddling around a candle for warmth!

Obviously, this is a situation that simply demands picspam )


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