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Ow. Just hobbled back from gym, where I managed to injure myself on the elliptical, something I'd always thought was impossible... I mean, those things are designed to be about the lowest impact exercise you can do, so what could possibly go wrong?

Apparently, that thing in my calf muscle that went "pop" could go wrong, and did.

*glares at leg, and reminds it sternly to pull itself together; it's got to go on holiday in 11 days*

Still, at least now the husband can hardly complain if I spend all day sitting at the computer! ;)
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Snow is coming down like the dawn of the new Ice Age, my favourite boots have decided that being waterproof is no longer for them... and now we have a leak in the airing cupboard and a spreading damp patch on the ceiling. :(

And I had this afternoon (involving school pick-up, 2 children's activities and a parents' evening) planned to precision. *sighs, and gets out mop and number of emergency plumber*

ETA: Plumber is cute. It's an ill wind... ;)
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My son has recently discovered Giant Plush Microbes and wanted to show me the website. So we spent ten minutes looking at the site: I thought swine flu was particularly cute, but I was also rather taken with three common cold microbes snuggling in a petri dish.

Then my son, who is 13 and ought to know better, announced: "I want to buy that one. Not for me. I just want to be able to tell everyone I gave my sister HIV for her birthday!"

Er, no.

Really, really... no.


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