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Well, I'm having a good couple of days here. Firstly the temperature's dropped - apologies to all those who actually enjoy sweating profusely and suffering from heatstroke, but I'm actually much more comfortable now, thank you.

And then yesterday, the gym was invaded by twinks! Yup, a veritable onslaught of good-looking young men. Don't know where they came from. Maybe there's some sort of agency that supplies them? Anyway, for some reason I had my best workout for a long time...

And today I found out that Snared is on the bestseller list at Dreamspinner!

Now, I have no idea how this bestseller list works. Do all new releases tend to end up there simply because sales are higher when they're new? I don't know, and frankly, I don't need to. My old writing tutor has been able to email to congratulate me on writing a bestseller, and that is enough! ;)

Oh - and I won a book on a [livejournal.com profile] torquere_social competition! Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] amoler!
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Earlier I posted about the release of my latest novella, Snared, with probably far more detail than you wanted to know about Scottish wildcats!

If you'd like to read a teaser, follow this link to my website!

Hope you enjoy it! :D
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I'm delighted to say my novella, Snared is now available from Dreamspinner!


Here's the blurb:

When Martin Lowrie rescues a wildcat from a snare, he thinks a few scratches and a tetanus jab are the worst consequences he'll have to face. But then he meets the enigmatic and strangely compelling Calum. He spends the night with the handsome, unsettling Irishman and discovers Calum's secret: he's the wildcat Martin rescued, in human form.

But Calum's not the only werecat in the village, and the others aren't so keen to risk Martin revealing their secret, no matter how much Calum wants to protect Martin from harm.

But exactly what kind of beastie does Calum turn into? )
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OMG! I am just so incredibly excited! I popped onto the Dreamspinner Coming Soon page just now to check when Necking was due out (May 10th, as it happens) – and Snared was up there! With my lovely, lovely cover:
Don't you just love his eyes? It's coming out on May 12th. I can't wait! :D *bounces*


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