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I posted four days ago bemoaning the fact that the Christmas novella was not going at all well. I'm pleased to report that it is now going rather better, and just has passed the 12k mark!

The reason for this sudden turnaround? It is a different novella. Some stories just don't want to be written... *sigh*

Still 1920s, though, so at least (some of) the research wasn't wasted! ;)

And in other news... Rael's new story A Blast from the Past comes out Saturday! *bounces excitedly*
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Apparently my muse is under the impression that we are attempting NaNo this year, as we managed another 3.6k between us today. Valentine's story is now nearly done! (I am one orgasm short of a sex scene *g*)

Didn't manage to get the vampire story finished, but I have a pretty good idea what I want to write (yup, sex); it's just a matter of getting it down.

I also did the edits for the menage story due out in January, and learned how to do straight quotes courtesy of my kind editor. :D

So the writing has been going rather well. Unfortunately, I have achieved absolutely nothing else...
*looks guiltily at accounts files in corner, not to mention bomb site that is rest of house*
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Mmm, the sun has been shining all day, the kids are back at school, and my muse has scampered back from wherever it was cowering all through half term. :D

Yup, even I am impressed: I've managed almost 5k today. That's 3k on a WIP, and 2k on a new short story. Which includes both endings, so I just have some middles to do (including the sex scenes, which I strongly suspect will go much more easily after a glass of Merlot tonight!)

And the cherry on the top: I had an email today to say that Torquere have accepted Rael the succubus' second story! It's the sequel to my story A Calling For Pleasure in the Care and Feeding of Demons anthology. It'll be a Single Shot, as it's almost twice as long as the first one. :D


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