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The Isle of Wight was unexpectedly sunny, and I have the sunburn to prove it. On the way back to the ferry we popped into the Garlic Farm, which has a shop full of things to buy to ward off the vampire in your life, assuming you would want to, and stopped in the cafe. Now, this being a garlic farm, you'd think they'd have garlic bread on the menu, wouldn't you? Er, no. Lovely caramelised onion bread with olive oil and balsamic to dunk it in (yum!) but none of the garlic stuff. Maybe they just got tired of people doing bad Peter Kay impersonations?

You know, I still find it hard to believe I've only done one m/m vampire story. I mean, considering how hooked I was on Buffy... Anyway, Becoming the Spoils is now available to buy as part of the Dreamspinner Midsummer's Nightmare Daily Dose or on its own for the princely sum of $1.49, here.

So what's Becoming the Spoils all about? Apart from, well, vampires? Here's the blurb:

Frank’s a rising star in the world of journalism and he’ll do anything for the next big scoop. Getting locked in a cellar with a starving vampire wasn’t exactly on his career plan, though. It’s then that Frank realizes there are some things more important than a story—like staying alive, for instance. Luckily, his cellmate Victor turns out to be more than just a pretty face and a sharp set of fangs…

And here's an excerpt:

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