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Well, I'm back in the South-East now, but I had a fantastic time in Bristol on Saturday night, meeting up with fellow I Do Two anthology authors Bruin Fisher, Neil Plakcy and Sophia Deri-Bowen, along with fellow Necking co-contributor Josephine Myles.

We had a great time talking about writing m/m romance, and even selling the odd book or two! Neil, who's a seasoned pro compared to the rest of us book-signing virgins, is an absolute scream. He was telling us how much he preferred an evening in a gay bar to trying to promote his m/m mysteries in bookstores – because as he said, it's not that easy to just go up to people and say, "Hey, are you interested in mysteries? Yeah? How about mysteries with butt-fucking?"
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...where the skies will, hopefully, be blue, and I'll be visiting an old friend in Gloucester for the weekend.

Saturday night I'll be heading on down to the Old Market Tavern in Bristol for an evening promoting the I Do Two anthology in aid of marriage equality.

Fellow anthology authors Bruin Fisher, Neil Plakcy and Sophia Deri-Bowen will be there, and my Necking co-contributor Josephine Myles will be popping in as well!

It should be a great night, so if anyone's in the area, why not drop in and say hi!
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Hurrah! I Do Two is now available in paperback on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com
So you can actually get your hands on a real dead tree copy!

As I'm sure you'll remember, all profits from this very fine anthology will be donated to the Lambda Legal Defense Fund in support of marriage equality for all - so please consider treating yourself to a copy and supporting this very worthy cause.

There are 22 fabulous stories from well-known authors such as Alex Beecroft, Charlie Cochrane, James Buchanan, Lee Rowan and Lenore Black. And there's even one from me!


In other news: I was slightly gobsmacked, not to mention chuffed, to learn last night that my (very) short f/f story Ice Maiden had won my local Writers' Circle President's Competition! Sadly, however, I missed out on the Gnome de Plume, awarded to the person choosing the most awful pseudonym for the competition. And yes, it is an actual garden gnome... I am definitely going to have to work on my puns! ;)


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