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2010-06-15 11:43 am
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More Rael the Succubus coming your way

Hurrah! Torquere have accepted A Wish Too Far, the third story in my series about Rael the succubus and his lawman lover Lars, who first appeared in The Care and Feeding of Demons. It's novella length, and features a cross-dressing demon with a grudge against humanity and Rael going undercover in a very sexy red dress! I don't have a release date for it yet, but just to remind you, the second novella in the series will be out as a Torquere Single Shot in August. Here's a snippet from that one:

A Blast From the Past )
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2010-02-24 05:16 pm
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New Release - I Put a Spell on You

As promised, here are details of my second new release of the day, the m/m/f menage anthology from Torquere, I Put a Spell on You

Here's the blurb: Spells are willful little things. Once uttered, they can take on a life of their own, and that's usually when the trouble begins…
The spell that love casts is transformational. These nine m/m/f ménage stories are about the bonds that go beyond words, and to places no one expects. Authors include Penelope Friday, Kiernan Kelly, and BA Tortuga.

I'd like to introduce you to the three main characters in my story, The Antithesis of Magic. Each of these little snippets takes place at a different time before the story starts.

Gus is just looking for a date, and a way to forget his failure as a witch. But half-bloods Max and Lila are sure he can work some very special magic, just for them. )
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2009-12-14 09:55 pm
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Is it Christmas Yet?

Well, possibly not quite, but I can't wait any longer to give you a present! For the lovely flist, and anyone who's enjoyed my scribblings, I give you:

Title: A Real Boy
Word count: 7,500
Rating: NC17

Summary: Carlo Collodi (author of Pinocchio) will be spinning in his Tuscan grave, although possibly not as fast as Walt Disney. The Brothers Grimm may be feeling a little dizzy as well…
Lonely woodcarver Joseph, purveyor of fine hand-crafted goods to the BDSM market, decides to craft the ultimate sex toy, a life-size wooden Boy. Unfortunately Joseph's Boy has a mind of his own...

If that's piqued your interest, you may hie thee over to Smashwords and download it FREE in the format of your choosing! :D

Happy Christmas!
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2009-10-22 11:27 pm
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Free fic!

When I wrote Through a Western Door, I wasn't initially sure where I was going with it.

Chris and Henry in the following ficlet are… not exactly Sam and James from Through a Western Door. But this is a direction the story might have gone in, and didn’t.

Lost )
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2009-07-16 11:59 pm
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Micro-sequel to Good Company

Over on [livejournal.com profile] torquere_social, [livejournal.com profile] gs_wiley posted a picture, and challenged us to come up with a story for it. Hmmm. I think I may have failed; this is more of a snapshot. It's set six months after my Torquere Sip, Good Company, and centres on Aidan, one of the two main characters in that story.
It was supposed to be something quite different, btw, but Aidan kept on looking at me mulishly until I agreed to let it be his story.

Here's the picture, and my take on it )