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Hurrah! Torquere have accepted A Wish Too Far, the third story in my series about Rael the succubus and his lawman lover Lars, who first appeared in The Care and Feeding of Demons. It's novella length, and features a cross-dressing demon with a grudge against humanity and Rael going undercover in a very sexy red dress! I don't have a release date for it yet, but just to remind you, the second novella in the series will be out as a Torquere Single Shot in August. Here's a snippet from that one:

Rael had finished folding the napkins and was flicking through the channels trying to find Hell’s Kitchen when the doorbell rang.

"Honey, you forget your key again?" he called out fondly as he pulled open the door.

It wasn’t Lars.

"Hey Rael, long time no see," Lev’s smooth voice flowed over Rael like white-hot molasses as he stepped over the threshold and back into Rael’s life.

Rael felt his heart start dancing a tarantella like it wanted to dance right out of his chest and get the hell out of Dodge. Not that he could blame it. Lev? Here? He took a big ol’ step back, but damn, stepping into the next dimension still wouldn’t have been far enough for his liking. "Lev? This is not going to happen."

"No? Sweet thing, you’ve missed me. I know you have. Do you really think your human lover can compare?"

"Lev, you don’t know my Lars," Rael said defiantly, working on getting back his equilibrium.

"No? I’ve just spent the evening with him, Rael. Guess I know what you see in him, lover. The boy’s almost as ripped as I am. But these humans, they’re all style and no substance."

"Lars has plenty of substance. And he doesn’t screw around on me like you did," Rael told him with only half his mind on his words, his gut busy roiling like he’d eaten someone icky at the thought of Lev getting close to his Lars and maybe messing with his head--or worse.

Lev was smirking like the cat that seduced the canary and then got it to feed itself to him, one wing at a time. "You sure about that, sweet thing? Boy looked pretty damn tight with that partner of his. Guess deep down all these humans want is to be like every other sorry little mortal."

Rael went rigid. "What did you do to him, Lev?"

"Me? I don’t do a thing, lover, you know I don’t. I just let them get on with doing it to themselves."

"How did you even know that was my Lars, anyhow?" Rael demanded, giving Lev a mean old stare that just bounced off of that thick hide like hailstones off of the gates of Hell.

"Oh, I’ve been watching you, sweet thing. Because you know I will always find you, Rael, wherever you go." Lev gave that wicked, wicked smile of his that used to make Rael’s knees go weak but now just made him sick to his stomach. "You know, Rael, you might want to close your drapes when you do that thing with your tail. Not that I mind watching, every once in a while."

Lev moved forward, and caressed Rael’s face with one of those damn treacherous hands of his. "Come on, sweet thing, you belong with me, not some dumb-ass mortal lawman. We were good together. Don’t you remember how hot we were?"

Rael jerked his face away. "I remember getting home and finding you getting hot with that damn twiglet, that’s what I remember."

"Baby, you’re jealous of a tree sprite?" Lev’s laugh was so damn hard and sharp you could have used it to etch glass.

"Lev, you can do the whole damn forest for all I care. We are over. Now, are you gonna get your lyin’, cheatin’ ass the hell out of my home and away from my lover, or do I have to banish you?"

"Sweet thing, I’d like to see you try. Oh, I’m going, but I’ll be back, you can bet your tight little ass on that."

"You just keep away from me and my man, you hear me?"

Rael slammed the door shut behind him and leaned on it, breathing hard.

Date: 2010-06-15 04:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] josephine-myles.livejournal.com
Exciting news! I loved my sneak peek of "A Wish Too Far", and I'm sure it will do really well for you.

I had "The Care and Feeding of Demons" down on my list of things to order from Torquere today while they have their 15% off sale. Do you think I'd enjoy it?

Date: 2010-06-15 06:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] josephine-myles.livejournal.com
I have bought it, along with Epiphany and the Shot Through the Heart anthology. Short stories are about all my attention span can cope with right now!

I'll let you know what I think of them all when I've read them *rubs hands gleefully* - I'm really excited to see how you introduced Rael to the world!

Date: 2010-06-15 04:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] storyfan.livejournal.com

This sounds very intriguing.


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