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Okay, so it doesn’t come out in print until April next year, but Camwolf is already showing as available to pre-order in paperback on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com!

My first baby. *pets it, and calls it George* :D
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Have just had an absolutely brilliant review from Sarah F at Dear Author:

I adored it. The characters were brilliant. The world-building was so subtle and so well-done — how different the wolves were from the humans, but how Nick used both sides of himself to win Julian and the battle against Julian’s abusive partner and Julian’s father. The tone/voice was pitch perfect. The setting was wonderful.

And kudos for Samhain Publishing: I love that Samhain is just going with the flow of your Englishness to the extent that they’re not even changing English spelling to American.

Wouldn't it be nice if some other non-UK publishers felt able to relax a little on this point?
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Hurrah! At long last, my first full-length novel, Camwolf is available to purchase from Samhain Publishing, and on Amazon.

Here’s the blurb:

To save his lover, he must become his own worst nightmare.

Dr. Nick Sewell. Non-conformist. Werewolf. The first puts him at odds with his colleagues’ idea of how an All Saints College lecturer should behave. The second, bestowed upon him by an ex-boyfriend, puts him at odds with himself.

There’s his tendency to change into a wolf on the full moon. And his visceral attraction to Julian Lauder, a troubled young German student. Despite his determination not to act on his desire, Nick’s brutal response to seeing Julian with another man frightens them both. At first.

Then Nick learns that Julian is not only a naturally submissive werewolf, but one who has learned better how to deal with just being a werewolf. That explains the attraction, but it doesn’t make it any easier when the tables are turned, and Julian—once the student—is now teaching Nick…who still isn’t happy about conforming to the “werewolf way”.

Meanwhile, reports of a strange wolf stalking the town barely register on Nick’s radar—until Julian disappears. Accusing eyes—both wolf and human—are turned toward Nick. Even with the help of friends, hope is growing as cold as the kidnapper’s trail. Unless Nick gives free rein to the wolf’s inhuman power…

Warning: Contains hot outdoor sex, alliterative insults, allusions to abuse, and really awful sherry.

* * * *

And to celebrate, I’ll be over at the British Romance Fiction Blog later today, explaining why there are werewolves in Cambridge!
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Camwolf may not be released until the 17th, but it’s already had its first review!

From Whipped Cream Reviews: “Camwolf is an intense and interesting werewolf tale that definitely stands out from the pack…Julian is quirky, flawed, interesting, and definitely an easy scene stealer while Nick’s more gradual change is subtle but as important. Together they make a compelling couple”

Camwolf is available to pre-order at a reduced price from Samhain Publishing here.

And to whet your appetite: download a FREE short story in the Camwolf ‘verse:

Sex with a stranger can be riskier than you know... particularly if that stranger turns out to be a werewolf. A companion to — or appetiser for — my novel Camwolf, now available from Samhain Publishing.

Two years ago a casual encounter in Stuttgart left Carl changed forever. He thought he could handle being a werewolf—until he passed the curse on to his English lover, Nick Sewell.

Now Carl's come back to Germany to look for answers from the man who made him a monster. But Dieter's disappeared, and in his place Carl finds Christian, who may have as much to hide as Carl does—or even more.

Download this multformat ebook free from Smashwords.
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Hurrah! I can finally show you my lovely cover for my first full-length novel, Camwolf:


Didn't the artist do a lovely job?

The book is due out on 17th May. *drums fingers impatiently* ;)
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I am delighted way beyond all rational measure to tell you that Samhain have accepted my werewolves-in-Cambridge m/m novel, Camwolf!

*dances some more*

My cup runneth over! *fetches dishcloth*
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I am still staring at my wordcount in disbelief, but there it is: Camwolf has got up to 60k. And really, there's not a lot more of it that needs writing before I can call the first draft done. Which is pretty darn amazing as this time last week I was in the middle of a huge downer about the thing and doubting it'd ever get finished.

(For those who haven't suffered me rabbiting on about it already: It's about werewolves, set at a Cambridge college)

And yes, I know it's got to go to beta yet, and no doubt there are trying times ahead as I rehash the bits that don't, after all, work. And my back is absolutely killing me after typing all day. But... this is really very close to an honest-to-goodness novel. *is still a bit stunned*

So to celebrate, I'll leave you with an excerpt:

Camwolf, from Ch2 )
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Had a great time this afternoon: Kaffee und Klatsch with a local writer friend where, amongst other things, we bemoaned the fact that as a writer, you have to send your darlings out into the world and then wait months and months to hear of their fate...

...and when I got home, I found an email from those lovely people at Samhain offering me a contract for Pricks and Pragmatism! Only just over a week after I submitted it! *bounces*
It's the longest thing I've sold so far and is a contemporary romance novella set in Southampton, a part of the world I know quite well. More details later!

And in other news: I now have a spanking new Author Page on Amazon.com :D

Oh, and Camwolf is up to 42k!


Mar. 3rd, 2010 06:57 pm
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Camwolf is now over 40,000 words! :D

(And yes, I know size doesn't matter, it's what you do with it, but still: hurrah!)

And I have finished the little spin-off story showing what happens to Nick's ex Carl (the one who turned him into a werewolf).

Am taking chapter eleven ten to VWC tonight to get ripped to shreds receive useful comments.
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Well, I'm snowed in with the kids again, which has been frustrating, as I'd really been looking forward to getting back to writing. But there has been an unexpected benefit.

The muse, of late, has been tending towards the short'n'porny, but, well, that's not the sort of thing it's ideal to be writing with the kiddies around, even if they aren't in immediate need of amusing/silencing/distracting from killing one another. So I dug out Camwolf, which has a way higher story/sex ratio.

And I do believe it's grown a couple of thousand words, and moreover a couple of plot holes have rather nicely filled themselves. :D

There's still a lot to do, of course, but I'm now feeling a lot more optimistic that I'll eventually get it done!


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