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Not one but two brilliant reviews, for Pricks and Pragmatism and Stroke to His Cox, respectively!

For Pricks and Prag: "Buy it. Just buy it. Enough said." – Miz Natalie Dae on Miz Love Loves Books

And for Stroke to His Cox: "a sweet gem, not only for the blazing, sexual chemistry between Dave and Archie, but also for the funny and original voice" – Cole, on Reviews by Jessewave.

Also, in case you've forgotten:


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Check out Brief Encounters from today for interviews, reviews and giveaways from a brilliant line-up of British talent:
Monday, March 21 – Fabian Black
Tuesday, March 22 – Anne Brooke
Wednesday, March 23 – Sue Brown
Thursday, March 24 – Kate Cotoner
Friday, March 25 – Kim Dare
Saturday, March 26 – Chris Quinton
Sunday, March 27 – Sunday Funday
Monday, March 28 – Alex Draven
Tuesday, March 29 – Mara Ismine
Wednesday, March 30 – Clare London
Thursday, March 31 – JL Merrow
Friday, April 1 – Josephine Myles
Saturday, April 2 – A fond farewell
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There is a contest going on over at Camryn Rhys's blog, and Pricks and Pragmatism is included in the novella bracket!


Which was a rather pleasing thing to find out. :)

Now, I am not posting here just to beg for votes. Votes would be nice, but the main point is this: you can win an ebook reader by participating! Even if you don't vote for me! ;)

You can find the details here.
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Earlier this week Pricks and Pragmatism got a fabulous, "Best Book" review from Whipped Cream Reviews - and now it's up for Book of the Week!


If you can spare a moment to pop over to the poll here and, if you feel so minded, vote for me, I'd really appreciate it! :D

Voting is open today and Sunday.
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...this time over at Dear Author


Dear. Ms. Merrow.

I like your work. I love the English flavor of your work. I love your characters who are all definitely distinct characters. I love your rent boys. So this novella from Samhain looked right up my alley. And it was.

You can read the full review here.

I was particularly chuffed by what the reviewer said about my characters being real people, who fell in love with each other just as they were.

If you need me, I'll be sitting at my computer with a silly grin all over my face! :D
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I'm absolutely delighted to report that Pricks and Pragmatism is listed as a recommended read for October at Dear Author! :D

Now I just have to nervously await the review...*bites nails*

They wouldn't recommend it if they were going to trash it, would they?

Would they...? ;)
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Well, not quite - but an anthology I'm in is on sale from Tesco Books! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] penelopefriday for letting me know!

boy fun revised

For completely illogical reasons, this pleases me greatly! Now I know I'm really getting somewhere! ;D

In other news, Pricks and Pragmatism has had two lovely five-star reviews on Amazon (neither of them, as far as I know, from anyone who knows me) for both of which I am exceedingly grateful, but I was as pleased as punch that the second reviewer mentioned they'd previously enjoyed my short story Angel, which I must confess has a special place in my heart.
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When I heard Kassa was going to be reviewing my new release, Pricks and Pragmatism, I must admit to a certain amount of quaking in my stylish-yet-affordable (all right, down-at-heel-and-knackered) boots!

Of course, a review is only one person's opinion - but Kassa's opinion happens to be one I respect, and I regularly check out her site, Three Dollar Bill Reviews. So I was vastly relieved to find she seems to have rather liked P&P!

"The writing and quick wit displayed throughout in addition to the solid characters makes the story simply fun to read. There are numerous touches of humor and dry wit that come across, mostly in Luke’s thoughts, but they keep the story engaging and entertaining" - Kassa.

You can read the full review on Jessewave's blog here.
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Pricks and Pragmatism is available NOW from Samhain Publishing!


Here's a teaser:

Pricks and Pragmatism )
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Hurrah! My contemporary novella Pricks and Pragmatism is now up on the Samhain Coming Soon page!

Which means I get to post this gorgeous cover:


And here's the blurb:

Easy come, easy go…until the heart gets involved.

English student and aspiring journalist Luke Corbin should be studying. Instead he’s facing homelessness, thanks to the lover who’s just kicking him out of their posh digs. It’s not his first rejection—his father tossed him out at age sixteen—but Luke has no problem trading his favors for a home and security. Especially with rich, powerful, handsome men.

Except now, with finals bearing down, there’s no time to be choosy. He needs a roof over his head and he needs it now. Even if it means settling temporarily for a geeky, less-than-well-off chemical engineer called Russell.

Luke’s fully prepared to put out for the guy—because after all, in this world no one gets something for nothing. But Russell isn’t just a nerd; he’s an honourable nerd who wants to save himself for someone special.

At first Luke is annoyed, but the more time he spends with Russell, the closer he comes to a devastating realization. He wants to be that someone special. Except he’s fallen for the one man he can’t seem to charm…

Due out Sept 21st, but if you'd like a quick preview, click here. :D


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