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The lovely Chris over at Stumbling Over Chaos is running a contest to win a copy of Wight Mischief – all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post. Simples!

The draw will be held on the evening of November 7th (the day before the book is released). Good luck!
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…from Guilty Pleasures: I have a job. I can’t spend all my time reading, but by gosh, I had to stay up almost all night finishing this book. I absolutely could not put it down! Ms. Merrow has written a book that defines the term “thriller.” 4 1/2 stars. – Cameron.

As you can imagine, I’m rather pleased with that! :D

The reviewer did have one quibble, which I’d actually dispute – but since the reason is slightly spoilery, you’ll just have to (hah!) read the book and make up your own mind! ;)

Wight Mischief is due out from Samhain on November 8th, and I’ll be making a few guest blog posts around that date – for more info, watch this space!
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Here's the cover for my next novel, which will be coming out from Samhain Publishing in November:

It's a romantic thriller involving murderous goings-on and dramatic cliff chases on the Isle of Wight...
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I have been incredibly bad at posting so far this year, so I now feel obliged to make a sort of "I aten't dead" post before even I cease to believe it!

I do have some excuse – I've been busy doing edits for A Wish Too Far, my third story about Rael the male succubus, which comes out, I believe, on Saturday!

A Wish Too Far

Plus, there has been a cover art form for Tortoise Interruptus, which is a very silly story indeed (thank you, [livejournal.com profile] tiggothy).

Whilst nursing the traditional New Year's hangover, I managed to finish off the first draft of Wight Mischief, my second full-length novel. It has murder! And mayhem! And a secret tunnel! ;) Oh, and a couple of hot guys, of course!

And I have also been doing edits for the very talented [livejournal.com profile] josephine_myles, who has just completed her first novel, Barging In – and a cracking good read it is too! :D
For news on that, plus regular entertaining posts on an exhausting list of subjects including Britspeak, tropes and a Word of the Week, make sure you check out her lj!


Nov. 11th, 2010 11:42 pm
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(I'm thinking of the Kaiser Chiefs song here, in case you were wondering.)

Sooooooo, where did I get to?

Day 11 - Word count 2,498, which means I have broken 25k! Which is immensely cheering, especially given that I'm not doing this officially and frankly expected my enthusiasm to completely die after the first week.

Wight Mischief is coming on apace. It is unexpectedly lovely, to be writing about the place I grew up in!
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Hurrah! Have passed the 10k milestone! :D

Word counts appear to be settling down after the dizzying heights and bowel-churning depths of days 1&2:

Day 3: 1,667 exactly. Muse, I'm beginning to suspect you're taking the piss.
Day 4: 2,701. Plus a (very small) bit I scribbled down in the car and haven't typed up yet because it's from way ahead in the story and I'm not sure where it goes. It is entitled "Not-sex scene."

Plus, the story has sparked some interesting conversations with the husband. Not normally noted for his interest in my writing, he seemed curiously keen to discuss the topic, "If you wanted to murder me at Carisbrooke Castle, how would you do it?"

He'd push me off the top of the Keep, apparently. He'd like to shove me down the well, but sadly it's just not practical. ;D


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