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I have been incredibly bad at posting so far this year, so I now feel obliged to make a sort of "I aten't dead" post before even I cease to believe it!

I do have some excuse – I've been busy doing edits for A Wish Too Far, my third story about Rael the male succubus, which comes out, I believe, on Saturday!

A Wish Too Far

Plus, there has been a cover art form for Tortoise Interruptus, which is a very silly story indeed (thank you, [livejournal.com profile] tiggothy).

Whilst nursing the traditional New Year's hangover, I managed to finish off the first draft of Wight Mischief, my second full-length novel. It has murder! And mayhem! And a secret tunnel! ;) Oh, and a couple of hot guys, of course!

And I have also been doing edits for the very talented [livejournal.com profile] josephine_myles, who has just completed her first novel, Barging In – and a cracking good read it is too! :D
For news on that, plus regular entertaining posts on an exhausting list of subjects including Britspeak, tropes and a Word of the Week, make sure you check out her lj!


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