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CaptureTheMoon.jpgThe annual Women and Words Hootenanny has begun, and already there are shedloads of books up for grabs – including a copy of my forthcoming f/f fairytale, Capture the Moon.

Most, but by no means all, prizes are likely to be of the Sapphic persuasion, so if that’s what floats your particular rainbow-coloured boat – and even if it’s not – head on over and leave a comment on the hootenanny postto be in the draw. Good luck!😀

And there will be new giveaways every day until Christmas, so make sure you keep heading back to Women and Words!

Capture the Moon

Accompanied only by her faithful piglet Ferkel, country girl Adrien disguises herself as a boy and sets out on a journey of discovery—not least to evade her several suitors. Rescuing a young monk, Felix, from brigands, she agrees to accompany him on his journey to the King’s castle to present the princess with a telescope he has made.

Princess Selene has sworn to marry only one who can give her the moon—but does she mean it literally? As Felix loves another, Adrien, still dressed as a man, takes the telescope in his stead. Adrien falls in love with the lively, beautiful princess and is amazed to find Selene loves her in return.

But will Selene’s love die when Adrien reveals her true gender? And in any case, two women cannot be married—can they?

Due out 31st December 2016 for the first time as a standalone ebook:

JMS Books | ARe | Smashwords

(This story was previously published by Less Than Three Press in Fairytales Slashed Vol. 4 and has had only minor changes for this edition)


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