Jan. 3rd, 2016

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Capital Crimes still no blurbsAnd it’s in an anthology with a Cambridge Fellows short by Charlie Cochrane, plus 8 other shorts by top crime writers, all set in London – how cool is that?

‘A rich and varied assortment of dark minds and dark deeds. Deliciously disturbing.’ Peter James -2015 Voted by WH Smith readers The Best Crime Author Of All Time

“For anyone whose literary tastes run to the dark and the twisty, CAPITAL KILLS is a damn near perfect taster menu.” – Simon Toyne – international bestselling author of the Sanctus trilogy

Contains my story The Drag Queen Wore Red, a short story in the Plumber’s Mate Mystery series (set between Heat Trap and Blow Down)

Slightly psychic plumber Tom Paretski and his sister visit London Pride – but crime is never far away! For some, passions are running hotter than the very un-British weather, and Tom finds himself once more at a crime scene when a drag queen is stabbed in a Soho street.

With a foreword by Peter James.

Available now on Amazon

And here’s the snippet:

It was like trying to run through custard. Which was actually kind of an appropriate thought, seeing as how most of the crowd was, in varying proportions, hot, colourful and downright tasty. Everyone and his puppy-play pal was out on the streets of Soho for Pride, and most of 'em were wandering down Old Compton Street in the wrong bloody direction.

The right direction being, obviously, the one I was trying to chase after a would-be murderer in. He was dressed as an angel, in gold lamé shorts and matching wings, which you’d think would help him stand out in a crowd. Generally speaking, you’d be right.

In the middle of Pride? Not so much.

Get more rainbow snippets here!

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2015_Top_Ten_Gay_Romance_400x600Hat Trick Overtime: Summer Camp by Jeff Adams
The Courage to Heal by Hunter Frost
Surprise Gifts by Drew Hunt
A Pebble in the Water by Lisa Gray
Partners by Rebecca James
Let Go of Loneliness by Edward Kendrick
Batteries Not Included by J.L. Merrow
Djinn Book 1: What’s In Your Box? by A.R. Moler
Just My Style by J.M. Snyder
A Cowboy for Keeps by J.D. Walker

Contains my story Batteries Not Included, which is also available as a standalone ebook and in A Flirty Dozen anthology.

Available in ebook and paperback:

JMS Books | Amazon | ARe


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