Mar. 5th, 2016

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In this little snippet from Lovers Leap – now released into the wild, hurrah! -  Michael is helping to wash the dishes after Rufus’s birthday dinner:LoversLeap_200x300


Michael turned to Rufus, and noticed for the first time what was happening in his kecks.

Rufus blushed and held a saucepan in front of his groin.

Michael gave a slow, appreciative smile. “Then again, seeing as we’re alone now, what’s stopping us? Bet I could make you come in your pans.”

Rufus’s Adam’s apple bobbed. “I’m pretty sure that’s against hygiene regulations,” he said shakily.


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Don’t forget to check out the rainbow snippets Facebook group for more little excerpts from a whole host of talented authors here.



LoversLeap_200x300If they looked, would they ever leap?
Good-looking, confident, and doted on by his widowed mum, Michael is used to thinking only of himself. Getting shoved off an Isle of Wight pier by an exasperated ex ought to come as a wake-up call—but then he meets Rufus and he’s right back to letting the little head take charge. Rufus is cute, keen, and gets under Michael’s skin in a disturbing way.

Would-be chef Rufus can’t believe his luck when a dripping wet dream of a man walks out of the sea on his birthday, especially when Michael ends up staying at the family B&B. Life is perfect—at least until Michael has to go home to the mainland.

Rufus can’t leave the island for reasons he’s entirely neglected to mention. And though Michael identifies as bi, breaking his mum’s heart by coming out and having an actual relationship with a guy has never been his plan. With both men determined to keep their secrets, a leap of faith could land them in deep water.

Available in ebook, paperback and audiobook:   Riptide | Amazon


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