Mar. 29th, 2016

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My historical short story, Brass Rags, which appeared in Rob Rosen’s Men of the Manor anthology, will be coming out as a standalone e-book for the first time on Sunday 3rd April and is now available to pre-order. It’s a very tongue-in-cheek tale of a young gentleman with, ahem, unusual tastes looking for love—or at any rate, lust—in low places. 

If you’ve got the anthology, this edition of the story is almost exactly the same as the one you have already. Smile

Brass Rags

In early twentieth century England, a good valet can be damned hard to come by—at least, when one’s requirements are quite so specific as Lord Algernon Huffingham’s. Algy likes a man with a firm hand. Preferably work-calloused, and applied with vigour to Algy’s aristocratic buttocks. He’s beginning to despair of ever finding a man who can give him what he needs and still respect him in the morning.

Disgraced footman Robert likes a roll in the hay as much as the next man. Preferably with the next man. But he’s more accustomed to following orders than issuing them—and some of his lordship’s requirements are a bit more extreme than he’s used to! Robert may be easy on the eye and flexible in his morals, but will he be able to rise to Algy’s challenge?

This story first appeared in the Men of the Manor anthology, and is due out as a standalone ebook for the first time from JMS Books 3rd April 2016

Available to pre-order: Amazon | JMS Books


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