May. 23rd, 2016

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In a cunning ploy to distract you from the extreme tardiness of this week’s Rainbow Snippet, today I’m celebrating those heroes in a half-shell, turtles and tortoises, with a snippet from Tortoise Interruptus. Our hero, Tip, has been cursed by a witch to turn into a tortoise at inconvenient moments, and has just been tortoise-napped by a woman with a capacious handbag:


Rattling in his shell as the bag lurched from side to side, bumping against the woman’s ample hips, Tip started to wonder if he really should have listened to Janey’s suggestion that she get him microchipped.

She wouldn’t even be able to report him missing. Tip could just imagine how it’d go at the police office: “Yes, Miss? You say your brother’s been kidnapped? Can you describe him, please? I see. Six inches tall, gray in color, with a hard shell. Any distinguishing features? Oh, just that he’s a tortoise? Thank you, Miss. Can I just remind you of the very severe penalties for wasting police time?”

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Don’t forget to check out the rainbow snippets Facebook group for more little excerpts from a whole host of talented authors here.


Tortoise Interruptus

Cursed by an impatient witch to turn into a tortoise at inopportune moments, Tip is horrified to find himself tortoise-napped by a customer at the cafe where he works.

Things start to look up when Tip ends up very literally in the capable hands of drop-dead gorgeous Steve—but Tip soon begins to wonder just how far he can trust Steve, who turns out to have a close connection with his kidnapper.  Tip’s attempts at a normal life seem doomed to remain frustrated in more ways than one!

Inspired by a real-life incident.  Yes, really.  

Available in ebook:  Torquere | Amazon


Never forget: De Chelonian Mobile


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