Jun. 11th, 2016

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To celebrate my birthday on the 10th, my anthology of 12 m/m romance stories, A Flirty Dozen, will be FREE ON AMAZON until Sunday 12th June, so this week’s snippet is taken from one of the stories in it, Good Breeding:

In this snippet, our hero-in-need-of-some-personal-growth Giles has just met his birth mother for the first time, and is pouring out his woes to his best mate, Oz:

“I always wondered, you know?” Giles said, gesticulating with the Edinburgh crystal in the vague direction of the water feature. “What sort of people my parents were. Were they romantic, idealistic? Or hard-working, salt-of-the-earth types? And now I know.” He paused dramatically. “I’m the son of a chav. A stiletto-wearing, chardonnay-swilling, chain-smoking, perma-tanned chav. And a Greek waiter whose name she can’t quite recall.” He hung his head in despair.

Oz nodded, patting him on the shoulder sympathetically, if a bit unsteadily. “Cheer up. It could have been worse.”

Giles looked up, incredulous. “How? Just how, precisely?”

Oz glared at him. “Well, she could have been a raging snob like her son, for starters!”
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Don’t forget to check out the rainbow snippets Facebook group for more little excerpts from a whole host of talented authors here.

A Flirty Dozen by JL Merrow

A_Flirty_Dozen_400x600This anthology comprises 12 stories, all by JL Merrow, which are also available from JMS Books as standalone e-books.

Ranging from gritty to giddy, all feature two men finding their happy ever after—or at least for now—with a dash of the author’s trademark humour.

Read about boys from the wrong side of town, boys from the right side of town, and boys from a town you really wouldn’t want to live in. Meet a rent boy with a secret, a very earthly version of Cupid, and men with a definite tinge of the supernatural. Opposites attract, wishes come true, and old enemies find forgiveness in this variety pack of eight contemporary stories and four paranormal tales that’s a perfect introduction to the writing of a very British author.

Available FREE in ebook from Amazon until Sunday 12th June

and in paperback from JMS Books


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