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As promised, here are details of my second new release of the day, the m/m/f menage anthology from Torquere, I Put a Spell on You

Here's the blurb: Spells are willful little things. Once uttered, they can take on a life of their own, and that's usually when the trouble begins…
The spell that love casts is transformational. These nine m/m/f ménage stories are about the bonds that go beyond words, and to places no one expects. Authors include Penelope Friday, Kiernan Kelly, and BA Tortuga.

I'd like to introduce you to the three main characters in my story, The Antithesis of Magic. Each of these little snippets takes place at a different time before the story starts.


She dumps the file on my desk and just stands there, waiting.

"Thanks, Greta," I tell her with a smile she can probably see straight through. Greta's a witch. In accounts. I mean, hell, is that even legal?

"You're gay, aren't you, Gus?" Greta asks, like it's any of her business.

Actually I'm bi, but you say that to people and they end up making all kinds of assumptions about you. "I've been out with a couple of blokes," I admit.

She gives me a big, witchy grin. "Great! See, there's a cousin of mine who's just got into town, and I think you two would be just perfect together! His name's Max, he's German and he is so good looking. I just know you'll hit it off."

"Is this know, know, or just know?" I ask cautiously. Like I said, she's a witch. Although she's never given much indication before that she's got the Sight.

Greta laughs, a bubbling sound that leaves me cold. "Oh, he's going to love you! Friday night, then? At eight? He could meet you in The Rowan Tree." Her nails rasp on the polished wood as she leans over the desk to give me a flash of leathery cleavage.

I swallow. "He knows what I am?" I find myself asking, instead of just telling her no like any sensible guy would. "I mean, if he's your cousin he's a witch, right?"

"Oh, Gus, I told him all about you!" She straightens up with a little wiggle and smiles flirtatiously. "Trust me, Gus. It's going to be great."


"Verdammt noch mal! Um Gottes Willen, Lila, where have you been?"

His voice is harsh in her earpiece. "Calm down, Max," she murmurs. "Tell me what's happened."

"What has happened is that I am not there! There was an accident, the roads were closed—"

Lila's heart starts to pound. "Then I'll go. It's only ten past now, and I can be there in five minutes. I'll make sure he doesn' t leave. How long before you can get there?"

Max growls in frustration. "I don't know. Fifteen minutes? Twenty? But what if he is already gone?"

The icy fingers of his panic seem to reach through the ether to clasp her soul. She fights them. Breathes. "I'm going now, Max. I'll see you there."

She cuts the connection, and grabs her keys.


Max parks the car. It is not as well-centered within the white lines as he would like but that does not matter, does it? He is here, at last. In a short while, he will know if Lila's crazy plan will work or if they have simply been chasing a phantom.

As he steps out of the underground car park, he is at first disoriented. The moon catches him unawares. As always, he averts his gaze—but then he breathes deeply, and turns his eyes back to its light.

It has been so long since he has looked at the moon. It is smaller, somehow, than he remembers.

It is beautiful.

But it does not belong to him. Not yet.

As he closes his eyes, the image lingers. Max shakes his head, and hurries to the bar.


I hope you enjoyed getting to know my characters a little - if the anthology interests you, take a look over on the [livejournal.com profile] torquere_social later today when some of my fellow authors plan to post excerpts from their stories!
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