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Hurrah! My third story featuring sexy little demon Rael and his law-enforcing lover Lars is now available from Torquere!

A Wish Too Far

Here be the blurb:

Male succubus Rael and his lawman lover Lars from A Blast from the Past are back!

There's a new drug on the streets called Wishes, little pink pills that bring you your heart's desire – but in a way that'll rival your worst nightmares. Lars Thornsson and Chelle Rochelle of the Paranormal Enforcement Agency aren't pleased to be ordered to work on the case with two of their most hated colleagues.

Arriving home one night to find Rael's been summoning another demon, a jealous Lars is even less happy. But Rael thinks he knows who's supplying the drugs, and he's determined to get to his old friend Shax before the law can.

We have some new characters in this one: apart from our mysterious villain (heh!) we have a couple of colleagues of Lars and Rochelle: Dee and Dumont. Here's a little snippet showing their first appearance; you may possibly get the impression our guys don't like them very much...

Under the cut )

You can find the book, and read a longer excerpt, here.
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A Wish Too Far

A Wish Too Far is the third story in my series about Rael, the male succubus and his law-enforcement lover Lars. (The first two were A Calling for Pleasure, in the Care and Feeding of Demons anthology, and my Single Shot A Blast from the Past.)

There's a new drug out on the streets that's having serious supernatural effects, and Lars and Rochelle are after the supplier. But Lars has got problems at home, too; who is Rael going out to meet at night? And just why has he got himself arrested - in a dress?

Due out on 15th January.

Oh, and if you looked at my Speak its Name post earlier, it is now available with added captions for the pictures! ;)


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